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12th Day of Slovenian Paper Industry and 35th International Annual Symposium DITP

It is our pleasure to announce

12th Day of Slovenian Paper Industry
35th International Annual Symposium DITP,

which shall take place on 19 and 20 November 2008, at the Golf Hotel Bled.

As you know, the two events form the international meeting which is excellently attended by professional as well as business community. Also this year we expect to welcome more than 200 participants.

The main topic of the 12th Day of Slovenian Paper Industry

will be presented in the round table discussion under the heading

“Green Papermakers in Good Company”

which will be led by Ms Vida Petrovčič, a well-known journalist from RTV Slovenija, the national broadcasting company. Interesting guests from various walks of life will present their views on the current reputation of paper industry, the main reasons for such a situation and their ideas on how this can be improved. Special attention will be paid also to the 100th anniversary of the production of bond papers in Radeče.

The topics of the 35th Symposium DITP will be presented under the joint heading

“New Challenges in Papermaking”.

This year the main emphasis will be laid on energy and ecology issues. We shall deal with questions on a more efficient use of energy sources, a sustainable use of raw materials, and present certain advantages that paper industry can offer compared to other industries. In addition to that some latest achievements in the technology of paper finishing and coating will be presented. The leading global experts and suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment for paper industry will present the latest technical solutions already implemented in real life.

As an important partner to the Slovenian paper industry you are kindly invited to join this year’s meeting again as a sponsor. To enhance the value of the agenda of the meeting we prepare an exhibition presenting the sponsors, the novelties and trends. Attached you will find the complete offer.

Please note that the prices stated are valid for early registration ending on 30 September 2008. After that all prices increase by 10%.

For registration as well as for further information, please contact Ms Elizabeta Topolnik, Agencija Fibula, Gorenjska cesta 24, Radovljica, telephone: 04 53 15 413 or e-mail:

Author: CCIS