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Meet Slovenian companies at Agrosalon Exhibition, Moscow, 7-10 October 2014

Visit one of the largest agricultural machinery Exhibition AGROSALON 2014 and see all leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment under one roof.

Eight Slovenian companies will present their products in the field of agricultural machinery:

  1. Duol d.o.o. - engineering, production, assembling and aftersale service of infrastructure – air supported structures
  2. Ino Brežice d.o.o. - production of agricultural machinery
  3. Roto S d.o.o. - manufacturer of plastic products
  4. SIP Strojna Industrija d.d. - development and production of agricultural machinery
  5. Tehnos d.o.o. - development and production of agricultural mechanisation
  6. Farmtech d.o.o. - production of technology for modern agriculture
  7. Pišek - Vitli Krpan d.o.o. - manufacturing of agricultural and forestry machinery
  8. Agromehanika d.d. - manufacturer of agricultural machinery 

Slovenia’s collective exhibition at Agrosalon Exhibition is organised by SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency, which provides a full package of international business services to support companies ready for international business.

Venue: IEC Crocus - Expo, Moscow, Russian Federation
Date: October 7 – 10, 2014