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No Crisis for the Best Slovenian Companies

The Idrija-based tech company Hidria has won the European Business Award as the most innovative company in Europe. More than 15,000 companies competed for the award which was presented in Istanbul in early June. Hidria made significant technological advances in developing cold start systems for diesel engines and solutions for highly efficient hybrid and electrical cars.

The Slovenian pilot Matjaž Lenarčič won the 2013 Aviator of the Year Award at the prestigious Le Bourget Airshow in France. Lenarčič flew across the North Pole using a Slovenian made Pipistrel ultra small plane. During the flight, Lenarčič recorded black carbon presence in the Artic region – according to the latest studies the black carbon is one of the key contributors to global warming. Lenarčič used special measuring equipment developed by the Ljubljana-based company Aerosol.