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Slovenia Business Week no. 16: Factory-Gate Prices Up 2% Y/Y in March

Prices increased by 0.9% since the end of last year

Factory-gate prices rose 0.4% in March over the previous month, putting the year-on-year price increase at 2%, according to the National Statistical Office. Prices increased by 0.9% since the end of last year.

The highest increase year-on-year was recorded in electricity and water supply (4.7%), mining (2.5%), manufacturing (1.6%) and forestry (0.4%).

In comparison with February, industrial prices in mining and manufacturing went up by 0.6% respectively, forestry prices remained flat, while the cost of electricity and water supply dropped by 0.1%.

The prices of intermediate goods (energy products and raw materials) increased by 0.7%, in comparison with February, while prices of consumer goods were up 0.5%. Capital goods were 0.5% cheaper.

Year-on-year, intermediate goods were up 3.1% and consumer goods 1.5%, while the price of capital goods dropped by 0.7%.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: STA