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Slovenia Business Week no. 25/2005: 2004 Results: Petrol Revenue-Topper, Lek Profit-Topper

According to statistics released from AJPES, Slovenian companies generated a total of 13,387 billion (EUR 55.87bn) in revenues last year

Fuel retailer Petrol was the revenue-topper and pharmaceutical company Lek was the profit-topper among Slovenian companies in 2004, data from the Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) shows.

According to statistics released from AJPES on Monday, 13 June, Slovenian companies generated a total of 13,387 billion (EUR 55.87bn) in revenues last year. Petrol accounted for 2.5% of that with revenues of SIT 334.1bn (EUR 1.39bn).

Meanwhile, the top Slovenian company in terms of profit was Ljubljana-based drug maker Lek, which had earnings of SIT 23.7bn (EUR 98.9m).

Behind Petrol in terms of revenues were grocer Mercator (SIT 228.2bn/EUR 952m), car maker Revoz (SIT 210.9bn/EUR 880m), hardware retailer Merkur (SIT 158.9bn/EUR 663m), Lek (152.4bn/EUR 636m), home appliance maker Gorenje (SIT 150.4bn/EUR 628m) and car seat coverings maker Prevent (SIT 120bn/EUR 500m).

In terms of profit, Lek was trailed by rival drug maker Krka (SIT 14.1bn/EUR 58.84m), power producing HSE (SIT 9.9bn/EUR 41.31m), Telekom Slovenije (SIT 8.5bn/EUR 35.47m), energy and tourism conglomerate Istrabenz (SIT 6.8bn/EUR 28.37m), fuel retailer Petrol (SIT 6.5bn/EUR 27.12m) and tyre producer Sava Tires (SIT 6.2bn/EUR 25.87m).

Meanwhile, the editor of the AJPES report on the operations of Slovenian companies points out that there was a large shift into services last year.

Among the 300 biggest Slovenian companies, there was a growing number of those dealing in services, while production-based companies were increasingly looking to find foreign partners, Vesna Bertoncelj Popit writes.

Bertoncelj Popit also points out that Slovenian companies were among the most heavily burdened with taxes in the world last year.

According to an analysis by US magazine Forbes, Slovenia was ranked 12th in terms of the tax burden on companies with a score of 133. The worst-ranked France had 175 points.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: STA