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Slovenia Business Week no. 27/2005: Govt Meets with Savinjsko-Salesko Mayors, Business People

The cabinet meet with the mayors of the Savinjsko-Salesko region as the final act of its tour of this eastern region on Wednesday, 29 June to get first-hand information about the problems pestering the region

The mayors as well as the government officials agreed that the region's greatest problem was poor road infrastructure.  

Transport Minister Janez Bozic had earlier promised the government would do everything in its power to speed up construction of an expressway connecting the region with the Ljubljana-maribor motorway.  

Velenje mayor Srecko Meh said that the mayors insist the road must pass by the town of Sostanj. If not, problems might emerge, he said.  

According to Meh, the region's development will be based on energy, but education matters as well. He also said something will have to be done with the prices of utility services, which are too low and do not cover the actual costs.  

Evgen Dervaric, the director of the Premogovnik Velenje coal mine, warned the government that the mine will lay off 1,000 workers over the next 10 years as it restructures.  

According to him, that is why the coal mine has also started to get involved in tourism. Yet he was concerned that the region has not been placed in the government's latest programme for the development of tourism destinations.  

PM Janez Jansa told the local mayors and businessmen that the region will be one of the 14 regions that the government will propose in the new act on regions. This would boost its development, he thought.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: STA