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Slovenia Business Week no. 29: Chamber of Commerce Radically Changes Reorganisation Plan

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) has listened to the opinions of its members, associations and regional chambers and changed its reorganisation proposal accordingly, GZS president Jozko Cuk said on Monday, 18 September

The proposal now envisages a much more flexible management and a higher degree of decentralisation. It gives regional chambers and associations substantially greater powers, allowing them to be independent in management, administration, finance and personnel matters, Cuk added.  

The regional chambers and associations will also have the power to set their own membership fee and to decide the amount of means that would be allocated for the GZS, he explained.  

The proposal comes after lawmakers passed in late May the act on chambers of commerce, introducing voluntary membership and replacing the Chamber of Commerce act which set down mandatory membership for companies in Slovenia's lone chamber of commerce.  

The GZS, which started round two of the discussion on reorganising the chamber on 15 September, therefore hopes that the new draft will allow them to retain as many members as possible.  

There are 26 industry associations in the GZS, which would, under the proposal, become chambers in their own right. While the act on chambers of commerce does not mention the association of chambers, such a solution would follow the desires of the GZS members, Cuk said.  

The restructured GZS would continue to perform only the most basic tasks for its members, including defending the interests of companies in talks with state and EU bodies, within the Economic and Social Council, an industrial relations forum, and carry out public tasks, as set down by law.  

The remainder of its tasks will be transferred to a newly-established company and carrying them out will need to be paid for.  

In line with the reorganisation plan, the number of management personnel in the GTZS would be cut, while the institution would be headed by a general manager. Cuk did not want to confirm or deny whether he will run for the post.  

The GZS management expects the final version of the statute to be drafted by 10 November and be passed by the GZS assembly on 20 November.

Author: STA, Slovenian National Press Agency