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Slovenia Business Week no. 32: Company Numbers Up 1.8% in 2005

A total of 95,399 companies were registered in Slovenia in 2005

A total of 95,399 companies were registered in Slovenia in 2005, a rise of 1.8% on a year earlier and over 4% more than in 2003. Around 60% of the total number were sole proprietors, figures from the Statistics Office show.

Not only did the number of companies increase last year, so did their wealth, as total revenues grew by 8.8% to SIT 14,973bn (EUR 62.5bn), the data indicates.

According to the Statistics Office, a Slovenian company generated revenues of EUR 655,000 and had 6.4 workers on average.

Moreover, a breakdown of company numbers shows that micro and small companies accounted for 98.5% of all registered entities.

Such companies generated 39.5% of the total revenues, as compared to 38.5% by large companies (of over 250 employees) and 22% by medium-sized companies (of between 50 and 250 employees).

In 2005, the biggest rise in the number of companies was seen in the financial sector: it had 1,175 registered companies, an increase of 11.5% on the year before.

In the real estate and business services sector, the number of companies grew by 6.7% over 2004 to 21,328, while the number of construction companies was up 6.6% to 15,043.

Retail and auto repair companies were still the largest single sector in terms of company numbers as grouped by the Statistics Office, making up 24.2% of all companies. They also generated 34.5% of all revenues.

Although making up only 18.7% of all companies, the manufacturing sector accounted for by far the most workers, as it employed 39.3% of the nearly 610,000 employees at Slovenian companies. It also generated 33.5% of all revenues.

Micro and small companies employed 44.3% of workers at all Slovenian companies, large companies had 35.3% of the total workforce and medium-sized companies had 20.3% of the total workers, the data shows.

Source: Slovenian Press Agency STA

Author: STA, Slovenian National Press Agency