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Slovenia Business Week no. 37: Slovenia and China to Strengthen Economic Ties

China with its rapid economic growth presents one of the most important markets

The largest business conference to date between Slovenian and Chinese business representatives took place in Ljubljana on Friday, 9 September. Organised by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIS), the meeting aims at increasing the business cooperation between the two countries. We are fully aware of the opportunities offered by the rapidly growing Chinese economy, the chamber's vice-president Cveto Stantic said at a press conference.

He added that facilitating the expansion of Slovenian companies to foreign markets is among the most important roles played by the CCIS.

China with its rapid economic growth presents one of the most important markets, Stantic added. He was also pleased that Chinese government officials accompanied their business representatives, allowing political as well as economic talks.

China's Ambassador to Slovenia Wang Fuyuan praised the fruitful cooperation in all areas between the countries, which has existed ever since Slovenia and China established diplomatic relations in 1992.

He added that the Chinese Embassy will support all activities aimed at improving the cooperation between Chinese and Slovenian companies.

The Chinese delegation, consisting of the representatives of the Chinese ministry of commerce, finance ministry, the national council and the largest Chinese companies, is led by the vice-director of the trade development bureau at the commerce ministry, Jia Guoyong.

Jia is convinced that this conference will facilitate cooperation between Slovenian and Chinese companies. His words might come true, according to the more than 30 individual talks, conducted between Slovenian and Chinese business persons.

Slovenia's exports to China totalled US$ 34.2m in 2004 making the world's most populous country 35th on Slovenia's export list. The imports, however, were at a much more significant US$ 289.3m, which places China 8th on the list of Slovenian import countries.

The main Slovenian exports to China include leather, paper, cardboard, household equipment and medicines, while Slovenian imports consist mainly of computers and computer equipment, receivers and television cameras.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: STA