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Slovenia Business Week no. 40/2004: 2003 GDP Growth Higher than Initially Thought

Slovenia's annual GDP growth for 2003 stood at 2.5 percent

Slovenia's annual GDP growth for 2003 stood at 2.5 percent, according to the Statistics Office. This is 0.2 percentage points higher than shown by annual growth data for the last quarter of 2003, but still represents the slowest yearly pace of economic growth since 1992.

Measured at 2000 constant prices, Slovenia's total GDP stood at SIT 4,625.3bn. According to the Statistics Office, the main reason for the slow pace of growth is the decline of the value added in the agriculture sector.

At current prices, Slovenia's GDP amounted to SIT 5,747.17bn - the Statistics Office converted this to EUR 24.59bn or EUR 12,319 per person - which is 8.1 percent more than last year.

Meanwhile, Slovenia's gross national product (GNP) at the end of 2003 amounted to 5,706.02bn and also grew by 8.1 percent.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: STA