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Slovenia Business Week no. 40/2004: Over 40% of Slovenians Used Internet in Q1

As much as 43% of Slovenian citizens aged between 16 and 74 used the Internet in the first quarter of the year. The access to the Internet was available in 93% of the companies with ten or more employees, the Slovenian Statistical Office said on Monday, 20 September.

In the first quarter of 2004, 47% of Slovenia's households had access to the Internet. There were a total of 673,453 Internet users aged between 16 and 74, which equals 43% of the population of this age.

More than half of these users were on-line on a daily basis, and 86% used the Internet some time in the first three months of the year. Most of them used the Internet at home (70%) and at their workplace (54%).

The most frequent services that were used on the Internet were e-mail and surfing the web for information, statistics also reveal.

Of the companies with at least ten employees which had access to the Internet, 56% had ADSL connection, and 62% even had their own web site.

According to the statistics, 44.4% of Internet users aged 16 to 74 were male and 42% were women. Most of these users (83.4%) were aged 16 to 24.

Other age groups followed proportionally: 66.1% of the users were aged 25-34, 44.1% were aged 35-44; 34.2% were aged 45-54, 11.8% were aged 55-64, and 1.8% were aged 65-74.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: STA