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Slovenia Business Week no. 44/2004: Slovenia and Hessen Exploring Business Opportunities

A business conference was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Slovenia and Hessen are two competitive economies, but they can also be partners, particularly since they have similar plans, Roland Koch, the premier of the German state Hessen, said during his visit to Slovenia.

Speaking at a business conference at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) on Tuesday, 19 October, Koch said there are many cooperation opportunities for Slovenia and Hessen, adding that his role as a politician is mainly to establish connections.

Still, Koch named some sectors where cooperation could be improved. He named financial services as one of the sector offering cooperation potential, particularly with Hessen's capital Frankfurt being one of the leading financial centres.

Potential also lies in research and development, automobile industry, medical industry and information technology, according to Koch.

He said there were also opportunities for higher forms of cooperation, namely investment - both Hessen's investment in Slovenia and joint investment of Slovenian and Hessen companies on third markets.

Backing the idea of joint investment, particularly on markets such as India and China, was the CCIS vice-president Mateja Mesl. She expressed an interest of the Slovenian economy in expertise and new technologies from Hessen, while offering Hessen businessmen Slovenian experience in the markets of SE Europe.

Slovenia's exports to Germany last year totalled EUR 928.5m and imports stood at EUR 825.05, with only five percent of the figures applying to Hessen. Because of this modest exchange, opportunities should be identified as Hessen is one of best developed German states, according to Koch.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: Branka Murn