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Slovenia Business Week no. 45: Employers Hail Reforms, Chambers More Cautious

The CCIS said the flat tax is controversial in the impact it will have on certain industries

The employers insist that the reforms adopted by the government on Thursday, 3 November in blueprint format are urgent and have to be implemented as soon as possible. But they stress that implementation is impossible without social dialogue and the support of social partners.

The Association of Employers believes gradualness in implementation could actually cancel out the objective of the reforms - greater competitiveness.

The association's secretary general, Samo Hribar Milic, is afraid that the government could use gradualness as an excuse for its failure to draft the appropriate legislation in time.

The employers will therefore insist that a time frame be set with a special agreement or even in the framework of the social agreement, Hribar Milic told STA. Judging by the tentative time frame (most measures are to take effect in 2007), Hribar Milic is confident that the social partners have enough time to reach agreement.

Hribar Milic also noted that the flat tax (the bone of contention for the trade unions) is inappropriate if it is not accompanied by other measures.

The Chamber of Trade (OZS) meanwhile said that it has always been in favour of reforms. Indeed, they believe the reform proposals should go even further.

Yet the OZS and the Chamber of Commerce (CCIS) also gave misgivings about the flat tax. While the OZS has not made calculations yet and refrains from commenting, the CCIS said the flat tax is controversial in the impact it will have on certain industries.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: STA