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Slovenia Business Week no. 46/2004: Foreign Debt Bigger than Reserves by over EUR 7bn

Slovenia's gross foreign debt stood at EUR 14.30bn at the end of July, and exceeded the country's foreign exchange reserves by EUR 7.04bn. The reserves totaled EUR 7.26bn, according to the latest issue of the Bulletin of the Bank of Slovenia

The bulk of July's foreign exchange reserves, EUR 6.27bn, were the reserves of the central bank, while the rest of EUR 992m belonged to commercial banks.

The majority of the debt, EUR 10.39bn, was long-term debt, of which loans accounted for the bulk of it (EUR 7.63bn).

Short-term debt accounted for EUR 2.76bn, with debt liabilities to affiliated enterprises and debt liabilities to direct investors amounting to EUR 1.15bn.

Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

Author: Branka Murn