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Slovenia Current Economic Trends 2005-2006 (Autumn Issue)


  • Economic Outlook & Developments
  • Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments, FDI
  • Production & Services
  • Labour Market, Wages, Labour Costs
  • Competitiveness & Business Expectations Survey
  • Economic Policies & Reforms

The complete text of the publication is available in the attached *.pdf document.

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Editorial board: Ddr. Neven Borak, Darja Mocnik, Tatjana Pajnkihar, Nina Presern, Rostan, Marjeta Sisko-Debeljak, Vesna Uršič
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Language editior: Natasa Zajec Herceg
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SKEP is engaged in analysing the economic outlook and conditions in Slovenia and providing independent short-term economic forecasts. It publishes analyses of current economic trends and prospects and special research projects, primarily based on own research. Regular publications: Konjunkturna gibanja, Current Economic Trends, Indicators SKEP, Working Papers.

Author: SKEP - Economic Outlook and Policy Services