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Slovenia will host EU energy agency

The EU ministers responsible for energy give thumbs up for the seat of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana.

The campaign to host the future European agency for the cooperation of energy regulators (ACER) has ended with Slovenia’s comfortable win over Slovakia and Romania by receiving 4 votes more than the runner up Slovakia.

There are about 30 EU agencies at present and only two are situated in the Member States of Central and Eastern Europe.

The new agency is a step toward further liberalisation of the EU energy markets and stronger cross-border cooperation for gas and electricity transmission between Member States. Slovenia's role in achieving consensus on the energy liberalisation package during its EU presidency in the first half of 2008 gave its bid for the ACER’s seat a cutting edge. Slovenia’s bid emphasised the country’s central geographical position well-suited for promoting European initiatives in the Western Balkans and included a two-year rent-free period for the Agency, diplomatic immunity including VAT exemptions for goods and services to ACER high management.