Electrical & Electronics


The electrical and electronics sector employs nearly 28,000 people in over 600 companies. Some 2,100 students are enrolled in undergraduate courses for electrical and electronics engineers. The number of students in secondary schools for electrical engineering and computers is around 2,900. By ensuring a continuum of education and training opportunities that support a skilled workforce in the electrical and electronics sector, Slovenia's workforce combines successfully the country's long industrial tradition with ingenuity and skills to produce clever technical solutions.


A strong export performance of the Slovenian electrical and electronics industry with 76% of revenues earned in foreign markets dented by volatility in economic performance of its trade partners. Home-grown companies such as Gorenje, Kolektor, Iskra, Hidria and many others developed world known brands of their innovative products. Gorenje Group, household appliance maker, is holding its position as second biggest Slovenian exporter also in 2014.


Electrical and electronic equipment for the automotive industry, commutators for electric motors, electric motors, electronic components for household appliances, vehicle lighting, thermal management, explosion-protected electrical devices and wireless designs are among the products developed and manufactured in Slovenia.

The Slovenian electrical and electronics companies have a strong presence in Europe’s east and southeast markets thanks to substantial outward investments.


Key figures 2017


Number of companies: 672

Number of employees: 32,414

Revenues (in €): 5.3 billion

Key export markets: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, UK

Source: AJPES, 2019


Key products

  • Electro motors and machines
  • Household appliances
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Electronic measuring systems
  • Medical and optical equipment
  • Power distribution facilities
  • Electrical components
  • Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)


Leading domestic and foreign-owned companies 

  • Bartec Varnost / Bartec (Explosion protected electrical devices)
  • Bisol proizvodnja (Photovoltaic modules)
  • BSH Hisni aparati / BSH Home appliances (Domestic appliances)
  • Cablex-M (Conduits, contacts and connections for home appliances)
  • Domel (Electrical motors, fume exhaust units)
  • Elektroncek / Elektroncek Group (Electromechanic gaming machines)
  • Elrad International / Rudolf Faudeconsulting (Electronic devices)
  • Eta Cerkno / E.G.O. Elektro-Geräte (Electronic domestic appliances)
  • Eurel (Integrated mechatronical solutons)
  • Eti (Fuses, circuit-breakers, surge switches)
  • Gorenje (Domestic appliances)
  • Hella Saturnus Slovenija / Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. (Vehicle lighting electronics)
  • Hidria AET (Electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles)
  • Hidria Rotomatika (Electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles)
  • Indramat Elektromotorji / Bosch Rexroth (Electrical motors, generators)
  • Intra lighting (Architectural luminaires and lighting systems)
  • Iskra (Advanced equipment for telecommunication systems, electronic and electrical components and devices)
  • Iskra Avtoelektrika (Automotive electrical devices)
  • Iskra Bovec (Thermosetting and thermoplastic materials)
  • Iskra mehanizmi (Electric domestic appliances)
  • Iskra Sistemi (Components, devices and program systems)
  • Iskraemeco / El Sewedy Cables (Devices and systems for electric energy measuring, registration and billing)
  • ITW Metalflex / ITW Participations & SG Invest Holding (Components for household appliances)
  • Kolektor maga (Ferrite products and inductive components)
  • Kolektor ETRA (Manufacture of power (generator) transformers)
  • Kolektor Sikom (Commutators for electrical motors)
  • LPKF / LPKF Laser & Electronics (Laser and electronics for printed circuit board technology)
  • Metrel (Measuring and regulations equipment)
  • Optotek / Canon Ophthalmic Technologies (Optical and laser solutions and technologies for applications in medicine and life environment)
  • Resistec UPR / M. Krah Elektrotechnische Fabrik (Electronic components)
  • Ydria Motors / EBM-Papst Group (Small electrical motors and fans)



Gorenje - oven interface

Hidria - the glow plug with integrated pressure sensor

Research laboratory of electronics