The ICT sector in Slovenia employs today around 20,000 people in some 3,000 companies. The fast development of the ICT manufacturing and services in Slovenia is a result of systematic human development, well-developed ICT infrastructure and government commitment to boosting the ICT sector as one of the national development priorities.


The role played by the ICT to Slovenia’s export mix is extremely important. ICT-related export figures have risen sharply. In 2014, the average annual export growth rate was over 6%. Exporters of telecommunications services account for 26% of overall industry exports followed by providers of IT services.


Continuous development and innovation in ICT lead to original technological solutions that are becoming an indispensable part of the operations of successful companies around the world and in the everyday life of individuals. Access control products, computer terminals, keyboard and touch monitor modules, rich media mobile advertising applications, 3D visualization and imaging tools, numerous applications for smart phones are just some examples of products produces by successful Slovenian ICT companies used in banking, insurance, tourism, telecommunications, publishing, advertising, medicine and other sectors.


Key figures 2017

Number of companies: 3,300

Number of employees: 22,132

Revenues (in €): 3.8 billion

Key export markets: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Russian federation, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA

Source: AJPES 2019


Key products and services

  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Telecommunication services
  • IT services
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Equipment distribution
  • Web services


Leading domestic and foreign-owned companies

  • Actual I.T. (Software provider)
  • Adacta (IT solutions)
  • AMIS / Amisco (Internet service provider)
  • Aviat / Telsima Corporation (Aviat Inc.) (Broadband wireless access & mobility solutions)
  • Avtenta.si (Solutions for communication infrastructure)
  • Bankart (ATM network and POS terminals management)
  • Comtrade / Comtrade group (Software provider)
  • Halcom (Program solutions for electronic business)
  • Hewlett Packard / Hewlett-Packard (IT services and products)
  • HRC (Software developer)
  • IBM Slovenija / IBM (IT services)
  • Informatika (IT services)
  • Iskratel (Telecommunication equipment manufacturer) 
  • Margento R&D / Margento (Mobile transactions and payment solutions)
  • Microsoft / Microsoft Corp. (Software provider)
  • Mikrocop (Document solutions)
  • NIL (Data communications service)
  • Oracle Ljubljana / Oracle Emea Holding (Software provider)
  • Perftech (IT & communications solutions)
  • S&T Slovenija  / S&T (IT services) 
  • A1 Slovenija / Mobilkom (Mobile telecommunications service provider) Simobil
  • Smart Com (IT services)
  • SRC (IT services)
  • T-2 (Landline and mobile telephony services, digital TV and broadband Internet access)
  • Telekom Slovenije (Provider of mobile, fixed and IP communications)
  • Telemach (Broadband internet and digital telephony)
  • Tipro Keyboards / Arenel (Hardware manufacturer)
  • Tusmobil (Mobile telecommunications service provider)
  • Unistar LC (IT & communications solutions)
  • XLab (Online collaboration software and sophisticated medical imaging solutions)    


Faculties, research institutions and associations


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