Slovenia’s reputation as the third country in Europe after Finland and Sweden with over 60 per cent of its territory under forests explains why woodworking industry has always been important. Cabinet, furniture, millwork and custom woodworking manufacturers tap the local skills heritage. The industry employs some 11,000 people in nearly 1,055 companies – bedrock of skills and technical expertise.


There is a full product range of both mechanical and chemical processing. The mechanical branch comprises milling, manufacturing of plywood and particle board, and fabrication of furniture and timber components for the construction industry. Pulp and paper, cardboard, and packaging materials are products of the chemical branch and there are companies producing surface coatings. The production of biofuel from biomass uses waste and residues from forestry and related industries. The fact that the energy demand of the woodworking industry is low offers future opportunities in the trading scheme designed to foster CO2 emission reduction.


It is important to raise the level of use of wood per inhabitant of Slovenia but before architects and their clients »rediscover« wood, foreign markets remain essential for the earnings of local companies with exports accounting for nearly 51% of all revenues.


National and international projects in the area of wood material science and engineering in the forest-based value chains provide a platform for networking and integration of research activities and Slovenian organizations and institutions have been highly pro-active participants. The Furniture and Wood-Processing Industry Association is responsible for the strategic industry project »FOREST and WOOD for sustainable development of Slovenia«, that links the entire forestry-wood chain from owners of woods to forestry, wood-processing and furniture industry and to craft.


Key figures 2017


Number of companies: 1,139

Number of employees: 11,704

Revenues (in €): 1.5 billion

Key export markets: Algeria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Serbia, Switzerland...

Source: AJPES, 2019


Key products

  • Pre-fabricated wooden houses
  • Builders' joinery & carpentry of wood
  • Plywood, veneered panels and similar laminated wood
  • Fibreboard of wood or other ligneous materials
  • Veneer sheets&sheets for plywood &other wood sawn lengthwise
  • Particle board and similar board of wood or other ligneous materials
  • Packaging materials of wood
  • Tableware and kitchenware of wood
  • Wooden furniture for kitchens, living quarters and public institutions
  • Wood marquetry & inlaid wood
  • Wooden frames for paintings etc.
  • Casks, barrels, vats, tubs etc. of wood


Leading domestic and foreign-owned companies

  • Alples (Sawn wood, wooden furniture, doors and windows, accessories and packaging)
  • Brest pohištvo (Furniture made of veneered and of solid wood)
  • ESOL (solid wooden boards for cabinetmaking and accessories for interior decoration, elements for campers/trailers and mobile homes, wood pellets for heating)
  • Gonzaga-pro (furniture and accessories for public institutions and companies: offices, day-care centres, schools, libraries, hotels)
  • Gorenje notranja oprema (kitchen furniture)
  • Ilmest / Ilcam (furniture made of solid wood and production of sawn wood and boards) 
  • Inles / Retno & Triglav (external construction elements – windows and doors)
  • Jelovica (windows, doors and pre-fabricated houses)
  • Jera Mix (Wooden furniture for office, bathroom, wardrobes, drawer units)
  • Lesonit / Fantoni (all kinds of fibreboards, laminates, veneer sheets and particle boards, plywood, laminboards) 
  • LIP Bled (eoors, parquet, laminate, solid wood furniture, timber)
  • Lumar inženiring (pre-fabricated houses including ecological bio houses and passive houses)
  • M Sora (windows and doors, carpentry, sawmill)
  • Marles hiše Maribor (prefabricated houses and attics, erection of all sorts of public buildings, office buildings, production halls)
  • Okna Kli Logatec (builders’ wood joinery - windows)
  • Podgorje (wooden furniture for trailers and mobile homes)
  • Riko Hiše (pre-fabricated houses (solid wooden bio house) and wooden facades)
  • Stilles (period furniture reproductions)
  • Sun Roller Adriatica / Sun Roller (Wooden mobile homes)
  • SVEA (furniture and elements for interior decoration)



Wooden house in London made by Riko

LUMAR - Avangarde Avant

Tratar - wooden bike

Bolčič - furniture

Oskar Kogoj - slicer for truffles