ADRIA MOBIL: Adria Mobile Drives Home “King Customer Awards 2010”

Adria Sonic

Adria Mobil’s reputation as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of mobile home solutions was further solidified with their recent first-place wins in Reisemobil International’s “King Customer” awards. The “King Customer” (“König Kunde”) is an annually updated caravanning industry barometer which indicates whether German customers are satisfied with the manufacturers of their products. Adria came out a winner in no less than five categories: favourite foreign manufacturer, travel comfort, quality, customer care and price/quality ratio (“best quality for your money”). 

The Sound of Sonic Silence

In a similar celebratory development, Adria has presented its new integrated motor home while celebrating a jubilee. Adria's 40th Anniversary was marked with (among others) the introduction of Vision, Adria’s first integrated motor home; and Adria Sonic is making its first appearance while celebrating 45 years of Living in Motion.

Adria’s new Sonic range combines the best product features and craftsmanship of motor home production to create the “Sonic” experience. The Sonic’s impressive exterior is well matched by the thoughtful design of its interior. Its stylish and unique aerodynamic design is combined with an comfortable and luxurious interior. Mobile aficionados can choose from among three different floor plans (SP – big garage, SC – central bed, SL - long beds) which have been carefully chosen and adopted according to their functionality and versatility of use to match various user groups across Europe.

The Sonic made its world premier late-August at Caravan Salon 2010 in Düsseldorf, and will be available for delivery in June 2011, but demonstration models will be available already in  spring 2011.