AKRAPOVIČ: A Refreshing Breeze Blowing In The Streets

High Performance Exhaust Systems

Max Biaggi won this year’s Superbike World Championship on his Aprilla equipped with a super high performance Akrapovič exhaust system. The power, efficiency and overall uncompromising quality of Akrapovič exhaust systems is borne out in the staggering 57 individual world championship motorcycle race titles across many classes, in addition to numerous constructors titles and victories on the car racing circuit as well.

Today Akrapovič is a world-class brand in the world of high performance motoring. Porsche, BMW, Audi, Aprilia, KTM, Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda incorporate Akrapovič systems to further enhance the performance of their highest-end production.

Igor Akrapovič himself raced bikes, and upon leaving the circuit began tuning racing bikes and soon after began design his own custom exhausts. Racing bikes require the highest performance products; and exhaust performance is measurable, adding almost 10 percent horsepower to some systems. 

Four key elements – weight, performance, design and sound  – are constantly developing. Akrapovič designs provide not only optimum functional form but impact with strong visual appeal, which introduces big value-added for the cars and bikes they’re a part of. Passion combined with knowhow, R&D and constant testing have brought exhaust systems close to perfection.