A.s.K.: See More, Drive Safer

Active Signalling Detector

A.s.K engineering – Active Signaling Korun – provides traffic and signaling solutions intended to make road traffic smarter, safer and more efficient. They recently introduced a signaling device that represents an innovative approach to solving problems associated with blind crossings, entryways and problematic passages.

While blind crossings – crossings offering severely limited and thus problematic vision of possible unseen oncoming traffic – are often posted with a convex panorama mirror that warns drivers approaching a blind crossing from opposite directions, the system is clearly awkward and ineffective. Enter the active signaling device which electronically reads approaching traffic from two or more conflicting directions and warns drivers of a possible impending impact situation which a large flashing LED sign, usually mounted above or beside the accompanying mirror.

Using this system drivers get early warning of possible dangers and are sooner able to respond appropriately – and safely. Outside blind crossings common applications include parking garages and tight parking lots, and unsecured railway crossings, and everywhere else additional safety is required. Importantly the program’s algorithm activates only when there is the danger of an impending collision, and can be adjusted accordingly.

In cases where the detector is far from the power grid the unit can run exclusively on solar power. This way the detector can be installed at the preferred location quickly and without additional procedures or connections with the roadway infrastructure, thereby avoiding costs associated with conventional signalling schemes.

And while the purpose of the detector is improved accident prevention the device is not intended to reduce participants’ active attention and caution while driving, but to provide additional safety wherever it is required.

A.s.K continues to develop so-called “active signalling” schemes that in order to improve traffic safety and security on our ever-increasing roadways.