BALDER: Welding Advanced Optics with Industrial Technology

BH3 Helmet

Specialising in optoelectronic elements and measuring systems, advanced autodarkening welding filters and welding helmets,  the Balder company has recently developed an innovative new welding helmet designed to be safer, smarter and more user-friendly.

The new BH3 helmet features a contemporary design, is highly ergonomic and highly functional. Its advanced system for fixing auto-darkening welding filters allows easy access to the filter and particularly fast and friendly way of exchanging the front protective cover plates. The filter opening is larger, and therefore accepts considerably larger filters with larger viewing areas standard conventional models. The helmet can also be equipped with an integrated air-duct for fresh air supply. The unique air grill is positioned in directly in front of the user's mouths, allowing easy adjustment and direction of air flow.

Design meets technology

Special auto-darkening welding filters have been developed for this helmet. These special “Grand” filters boast a 50 per cent larger viewing area than standard designs and meet the highest possible optics standards and classifications. They are the only filters in the world certified for all 4 optical classes with the best possible ratings of 1/1/1/1 (optical quality/diffusion of light/homogeneity/angular dependence). Along with an exceptional color recognition feature, the certified “Grand” Series is the world’s only filter to earn class 1 for angular dependence, the result of innovative proprietary and patented ADC Plus (Angular Dependence Compensation) technology.