CALYPSOCRYSTAL: The Most Elegant iPhone Dock - Ever

Crystal Dock

Late November saw CalypsoCrystal erect their first Crystal Tower popup store, at the Ljubljana JP Airport, where travelers can get acquainted with all four of the company’s very special Crystal Docks.

CalypsoCrystal thinks an iPhone dock should be perfect. Their Crystal Dock is made of premium crystal glass, is handcrafted and looks and feels extremely distinctive. And it’s a perfect fit for your iPhone – or iPod. 

They are based in Ljubljana, capital to a country that enjoys over 300 years of crystal-making tradition. And the company ships around the world, using UPS, so usually the Crystal Dock can be anywhere in the world in two days – after you’ve ordered on-line using their fast and friendly (and secure) webstore.

The most precious of the line is the Aurora Crystal Dock, deep sandblasted and finely polished, then hand-painted with platinum – and completely unique, with only 999 pieces produced, each of them slightly different and labeled with serial number.

The secret to the beauty of the Beau Crystal Dock is hidden in the art of its production: it’s precisely hand-cut, assuring asymmetry of the final design, then polished with care. Celestia Curls or flowers or sun? You just might see it differently every time you look.

And the Dune is precisely hand-cut to create asymmetric waves and achieve a crystalline shine.

And the docks are also cut with some space left for various phone casings, to allow docking with case off or left on.

CalypsoCrystal’s blog is testament to the excitement their line of unique phone docks is fast creating.