CELTRA: Better Performing Ads

AdCreator self-serve rich media mobile advertising platform Celtra, Cambridge, MA/Ljubljana

As the world’s media and devices continue to go mobile, and mobile products and services – together with mobile advertising – become more advanced and complex, there’s a growing need for new, innovative solutions, for ads that work – without the work.

And the people at the Cambridge/Ljubljana-based Celtra insist there’s a better way of creating mobile advertising campaigns than slow and cumbersome custom coding. Enter Celtra’s AdCreator, the first self-serve rich media mobile advertising platform. The AdCreator is user-friendly tool that allows rapid development of advanced rich media mobile ads that doesn’t require any software coding skills. And its main advantage – outside ease of use – is the output: more reliable and better performing ads.

The AdCreator is a "Software-as-a-Service" mobile marketing platform for agencies and brands, a comprehensive mobile marketing solution suite connected to a carrier grade infrastructure and ad-networks. It provides an easy web-based self-service platform for creation, ad trafficking, tracking and optimisation of rich media mobile display advertising. Now publishers, ad networks and media agencies can easily create, distribute, and measure rich media ads across all major OS platforms as well as across numerous mobile devices. 

The system enables integrated and multi-channel mobile marketing campaigns and offers P2P personalised calls, SMS and voice alerts, voice comments, content downloads, trivia games and mobile couponing. 

Ads can include any number of interconnected pages that are easily duplicated, re-ordered,  and connected any way that’s wanted. Master pages for backgrounds and menus avoid unnecessary repetition. And shorter loading times make the end-user experience more like running a native application.

The built-in and constantly growing collection of events and actions allows users to create an infinite number of unique user experiences without any coding or technical knowledge. Yet  advanced users can always plug in a JavaScript and introduce custom made solutions.

System components to create galleries, presentations, games, data-collection forms and maps can be assembled in minutes, as fully customisable modules that can be plugged right into the ads and are optimised for various mobile platforms and devices.

Once ads are up and running they can be modified at any time, and traffic can be effectively tracked and analysed to see exactly how users are interacting with the components employed. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone, from creators and distributors all the way to the highly-engaged end-user.