CHIPOLO: Nothing is Lost

Chipolo is the world’s most advanced Bluetooth item finder. You can put it on your keys, wallet, luggage or wear it on your bag or purse – with style.

One day one of the Chipolo crew couldn’t find his keys – again. And they thought, again, there must be millions of other people who have the same problem; and that they could develop a small Bluetooth device that would help people find their things. And so the Chipolo story began. In late 2013 they launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised enough money to put their innovative Bluetooth tracker into production, and ship it to thousands of backers (happy new owners) all over the globe.

A gadget with style
Chipolo was created with the idea that a Bluetooth tracker should be more than a collection of features. It should be simple to use, should ease stress, help people manage their everyday lives, and look more like a fashion accessory than a gadget. Above all, a Bluetooth tracker should be beautifully simple, and kind of magical to use. Don’t, however, be fooled by its (really) good looks – in nine fun colours. Because it’s more than just a gadget, it’s smart, fashionable technology.

Ring and find
And it couldn’t be easier – you simply ring lost items just like you’d call a lost phone. If your Chipolo (and your item) is within the a 60-metre range it will play a sound until you find it. And if can’t find your phone at home or the office simply shake any one of your Chipolos to make your lost phone ring – even if it’s on silent. If you lost your phone further away, finding it is still easy. Users can simply log into the Chipolo website app to see its last known location, to make it ring, or to send a lock-screen message to anyone who might find it.
And what, today, would an innovative new smart gadget be without a selfie? Because users can capture any of their lucky finds with #ChipoloSelfie. If you find something amazing – your lost keys, an amazing view, your silly pet, a good friend – simply set your smartphone somewhere and shake the Chipolo. It will count down with a sound until the app on your phone takes the photo.

Print it and gift it
Naturally the Chipolo fits into the promotional gift niche as smartly as it works. Custom prints are available for one side of the Chipolo (the other side already has the Chipolo logo on it). Chipolos can be printed with company logos and similar (use your imagination) using a spot UV-printing technique in CMYK colours. And they’ve recently added a bunch of new, bright and fun colours to the range, including Bubblegum Pink, Sapphire Purple and plenty more.

More at:

Chipolo d.o.o., Hrastnik, Slovenia