DATALAB TEHNOLOGIJE: Turning Data into Profit

Datalab Pantheon

Datalab Pantheon is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software package providing full control over all business processes in a company. The company has been offering quality software solutions for more than ten years and created a dynamic partnership model, whereby it’s responsible for developing the basic product and training and supporting system partners.

Modules are integrated into one program with a uniform look and feel. And a wide range of customisation and expansion options make it an indispensable tool for companies today. System are designed to work for organisations in any industry of any size – from commerce, services, construction and manufacturing to accounting and public institutions – though Datalab has developed a particular specialisation in small and mid-size business solutions. Simple upgrades to higher editions also makes it possible to quickly introduce new capabilities and processes in line with the growth and development of the managed business area.

In addition, Datalab's partners provide specialised add-ons for industry-specific processes, which allows users to get an even wider range of features and solutions with just a single ERP package. Partners in Slovenia alone have worked together to develop online travel management services, terminal integration services including hand-helds, GPS vehicle tracking, and hotel, bar and restaurant software used for creating trips, monitoring vehicle use, and recording routes travelled.

Naturally there are also integrated solutions for warehouse management and logistics that includes tracking project tasks and costs, as well as remote support through desktop sharing, and powerful web applications for customer relationship management.

Not only is data turned into profit, the software is completely open and expandable. And today the partnership network constitutes one of the largest information consulting groups in the region.