DEWESOFT: Taking the World's Measure


DEWESoft is used for advanced testing of automotive LED lights performance in Phillips. And in tyre performance testing at Pirelli in Italy; with aerodynamic operational stability test equipment at Toyota in Japan; and in wheel down-force measurement, chassis vibration and suspension testing at Renault F1 in the UK.

DEWESoft is measurement innovation, handling complete instrument design, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing – all in one place. Founded back in 2000, DEWESoft products are used today in many applications by market leaders around the world. The company positioned itself in the global market as an innovator in measurement software and hardware products. And they’ve gained the trust of the biggest, most demanding customers, from NASA to Nissan, Boeing to BMW, and Honda to Honeywell.

Just this month they launched the SIRIUS, a next generation DAQ (Data Acquistion) system which can connect virtually any signal and any sensor, with sampling rates up to 200kS/s per channel. It’s designed to be scalable, flexible and modular. And users can choose from pre-built SIRIUS modules or build completely customized modules. Sirius is the latest in a range of DAQ instruments which includes the DEWE 43, which won NASA Tech Briefs’s Product of the Month Award not two years back.

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DEWESoft applications span entire sectors, from automotive, aerospace and defense and transport to industrial, power and energy, and civil engineering. Each of these sectors and the companies active in them require increasingly demanding and exacting measurement technology.

Automotive measurement – data acquisition, processing and reporting – covers a comprehensive range of testing, from ride handling, brake testing and road load data to performance and component testing, combustion analysis and twist stress on rotating mechanical engine parts.

Flight testing encompasses a broad range of aerospace related activities. Here DEWESoft is used both inside aircraft to collect data locally, as well as on the ground in large scale facilities where data is collected. Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed and others perform jet, wind tunnel and emergency slide tests on DEWESoft systems, and NASA's space shuttle flight data is acquired using DEWESoft.

Public transportation requires lots of tests and measurements to ensure safety and passenger comfort. Trains, for example, require many measurements during the development phase, from the New York subway to crash testing of high speed trains in Europe, as well as data recording for trains and railroad infrastructure monitoring in the London Underground.

From brake test systems for stairways at Schindler, hybrid testing at Ford in the USA and Hyundai in Korea, windmill and wind energy testing, welding and crash tests, DEWESoft provides tested measurement solutions.