DIAGENOMI: Advanced Personalised Medicine

Genetic testing systems

DiaGenomi is a young high-tech company that offers services and solutions in three different areas of molecular biology. The genetic analysis of breast and colon cancer samples enable physicians to more effectively and quickly adapt treatment decisions for individual patients. An important step towards personalized medicine is the genetic test of the cardiovascular system which gives individuals guidelines for a healthier life style and reduction of potential cardiovascular complications.

Similarly DiaGenomi is the only company in Slovenia offering personal genetic diagnostic testing for cardiovascular diseases through innovative approaches. Through a wide array of novel and innovative DNA tests common practice gets a step closer to specialised and personalised medicine. The company is also involved in education programs for staff working on molecular techniques and develops its own IT programs to help analyse biological data.

Cardio test (CardioRISQ TM) is a globally applicable multi-gene cardiovascular disease (CVD) test covering 12 mutations in 10 different genes involved in lipid metabolism, folate metabolism, blood clotting and iron overload. The test is applicable for any person at risk of CVD and related disorders, including venous thrombosis, pregnancy complications, dementia, and inherited iron overload (haemochromatosis).

The genetic test and lipid profile are combined with clinical indicators and lifestyle factors to identify a combination of risk factors that may lead, if left untreated, to development or progression of the disease. By identifying multiple risk factors that may interact and increase risk, a cumulative effect leading to disease development or progression can be prevented through targeted intervention.

The breast cancer test is designed to determine a patient’s risk of metastases, therefore providing a more personalised approach to breast cancer therapy. Upon initial diagnosis doctors need to establish both the risk of metastasis and recurrence; and based on individual specifics doctors are better able to determine the best therapy.

DiaGenomi also works on the development of laboratory software called Eq-PCR Wizard TM that enables researchers and diagnostic laboratories that work on real time PCR (qPCR) gene expression machines to validate data faster and easier.