DoubleRecall mobile advertising platform

DoubleRecall makes increasing brand recall as easy as tweeting and more cost effective for advertisers. They’re also committed to making publisher integration simple and to monetize publishers’ content more effectively and more lucratively, compared to classical banners.

This recent start-up headquartered in Silicon Valley with its European branch in downtown Ljubljana offers a fresh and innovative advertising platform that drives engagement and generates ad income – an alternative solution to conventional banners and pop-ups both on the web and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

DoubleRecall lets advertisers roll out digital recall building campaigns on the web and on mobile devices. By making users type in the advertiser’s chosen words in order to get premium content from their favourite sites, the advertiser increases brand recognition with them.

And DoubleRecall is highly visible, a smartly-designed dialogue box placed at the beginning of some premium or interesting content, where the users' eyes tend to stop, naturally. The engagement DoubleRecall sits on the top and requires users to type words in. The social DoubleRecall sits at the bottom, and highlights conversations with advertisers’ customers. Fans of pages engage – once per day – before accessing the content. After that they’re reminded about the brand all day, at the end of each subsequent piece of content.

The company’s unique engagement format enables users of mobile apps to get more out of their favourite apps, enabling them to get more access, levels or other goodies – for free.

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Similarly, web publishers are better able to monetise user visits, by keeping the user experience clean and simple while increasing brand recall for the publisher’s advertisers. Advertisers pay premium prices for this kind of advertising, because it can prove far more effective – they want to show their ads to engaged users viewing premium content.

Developers too reap real benefits from the DoubleRecall scheme: instead of trying to increase sales of in-app purchases, users treat messages like a tweet, but instead of being totally random, market and brand-smart phrases are typed in. By making the users type-in certain words chosen by the advertiser, they’re able to get the app's premium features for free.

“People don’t like to lose screen real estate to banners” says Robert Farazin, CEO and co-founder at DoubleRecall. “We believe short, fun messages are more effective because consumers will focus on a quick piece of information or ad — particularly if they get a direct reward for doing so.”

“And publishers get more revenue, advertisers get their messages read and recalled – with a social component — and users get access to great content with less ads, as well as a chance to interact socially with a brand they discover and like”, offers DoubleRecall Co-founder Rok Gregoric.