ELAPHE: Clean Free-Wheeling

Elaphe in-wheel motors

In our highly conventional (automotive) world, a car’s engine sits – big, bulky and inefficient – under the hood at the front of the car, and transfers power to the wheels via a transmission and other components. With typical outdated motor technologies, as little as 70% of the total energy goes to the vehicle’s wheels, which makes for lower driving range and inferior performance – when they could do far more.

But Elaphe in-wheel motor technology, based on more than 50 years of research and development, has produced advanced electromagnetic topology, enabling the design and production of light, powerful and energy efficient in-wheel or near-wheel motors.

Similarly, while electric vehicles (EVs) play an important role in achieving sustainable transportation by reducing energy consumption and emissions, they remain expensive and suffer the same glaring lack of drive train efficiency.

And whereas “in-wheel” motor technology can transfer as much as 90% of total energy to the wheels, suitable direct drive in-wheel motors are not available on the market, since high power and torque need to achieved within limited space and weight frameworks.

Elaphe is well prepared to meet this challenge and help change the way we think about, design and drive our road (and off-road) vehicles. Elaphe in-wheel motors boast high power to boost performance, high energy efficiency to extend driving range, and employ smart, compact design to save space and ultimately, money. Key innovations at the core of electric motor design allow the production of motors that fit into the wheel of a car without compromising performance. And the proof lies in six generations of revolutionary, successful prototypes, including an advanced electric city car with in-wheel drive and work on an (extreme) all-terrain vehicle due out in 2012.

Auto-industry customers no longer need worry about integrating all a vehicle’s different components under the hood of their electric car – and their vehicle becomes lighter, cheaper and more energy efficient.