ENSO-D: Water Where It s Needed

DSE-5 Solar Desalinisation System

Enso’s latest high-end systems for desalinisation based on the principle of osmosis membrane technology represent a highly important new step in the challenging – and rewarding – story of portable desalinisation for potable drinking water. For over the past 20 years membranes and related membrane technology have come a long way in terms of development, producing more drinking water with lower pressure, and requiring less and fewer chemical agents for cleaning, the greatest challenge, indeed problem, remains energy.

Running desalinisation systems still requires a relatively high amount of energy, because the mechanisms still require high pressures, which translates into a hunger for power. Employing various energy recovery systems has succeeded in reducing energy consumption, but this is still not enough to produce enough drinking water from recoverable sources.

The good news, however, is Enso’s recently completed patented technology documentation for having produced a system which will be fully able to desalinate and purify salt water into clean, safe drinking water. The solution represents a combination of various compatible systems which work using solar power exclusively. This is the first system in fact that can satisfy all the needs associated with supplying clean drinking water where it’s needed using exclusively solar power.

Similarly positive news is the fact that the system requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, these systems also produce purified water through a process of repeated mineralization as defined  by the specific requirements  of the user. The basic system is able to provide up to 5,000 litres of valuable drinking water daily. And it’s the perfect solution for locations close to the sea, where we often find both a lack of drinking water and good energy sources.