EPILOG: Quality Software Solutions for Logistics and Warehousing

Any warehouse is made of data. Data that needs to be smart, comprehensive and secure. Enter Epilog. Epilog brings people and operations together around quality integrated software solutions for internal logistics and automated warehouses. For more than 25 years the company has been building a portfolio of demanding warehouse management software (WMS) projects all over Europe, which has resulted in Epilog’s own award-winning software package known as AtlasWMS.

Awards in this field don’t come easy. But just this past April, the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Slovenia conferred the German Economy Award on Epilog.
“Due to our specialised solutions, innovation, quality and reliability, we are successful in this demanding market, despite the competition of much stronger German and global companies working in warehouse informatics. And we are a socially responsible company, which probably tilted the scale in our favour”, says Epliog director Damjan Širca.
Epilog’s expertise extends to a number of specialized solutions and services, including automated warehousing solutions (MFS), branch-specific solutions for metal, pharmaceutical and food products, and consulting on work process designs in logistics and IT support. But the company’s greatest expertise lies in integrating warehouse management and material flow systems (WMS and MFS) on new platforms (SAP, Baan, Navision and others).
The company’s award-winning AtlasWMS, their own warehouse management system, combines both WMS (Warehouse Management System) and MFS (Material Flow System). The two-in-one concept provides a double benefit, working as MFS, WMS, or as both simultaneously. And the joint interface ensures more optimal operation, higher reliability and lower implementation costs.
Material flow management coordinates automated transport equipment (rack feeders, conveyors, etc.), while warehouse management manages material flow processes, from the receipt to dispatch of goods from the warehouse. An object–oriented system architecture enables simple adaptation to increased transactions (scalability) and a high level of flexibility and adaptability – all without affecting AtlasWMS system integrity. And its simple and intuitive user interface also makes AtlasWMS simple to use.
AtlasWMS supports both automated (goods to man) and manual (man to goods) warehousing. In automated systems it co–ordinates automatic transport devices to ensure goods come to the picking place; and in manual warehousing it optimally guides the warehouse picker through the bins using an RF terminal or a paper printout.]
In bottom-line end-user terms this means the system ensures complete stock control and full traceability; higher productivity and faster operation; there’s no need for additional IT; and if offers better use of storage area, with more goods in the same place. And users enjoy continuous, accurate monitoring of material and human resources and all activities in the warehouse. Everything to ensure a warehouse and related logistics runs entirely according to plan – which makes epilog the final word in warehousing informatics.


Epilog d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia