FERROČRTALIČ: Finished for Good

Ferro Črtalič plays an active, indispensable role in the development of custom-made solutions and production machinery in the surface finishing industry.

One of the most effective surface treatment technologies available today is shot peening, together with peen forming. Shot peening is used for the surface hardening of mechanical parts running under the toughest of conditions and are, as a result, subject to extreme wear. Shot peening can, in some cases and materials, increase fatigue life up to 1000%.
Peening is the process of working a metal's surface to improve its material properties, usually by mechanical means, like shot peening, and is normally a cold work process. The technique tends to expand the surface of the cold metal, thereby inducing compressive stresses or relieving tensile stresses already present. Peening can also encourage strain hardening of the surface metal. Cold work also serves to harden the material's surface, which makes cracks less likely to form at the surface and provides resistance to abrasion.

Shot peening is used in a variety of applications and industries: on gear parts, cams and camshafts, clutch springs, coil springs, connecting rods, crankshafts, gearwheels, leaf and suspension springs, rock drills, and turbine blades. It’s also a crucial process in spring making.
Special surfaces call for spacial treatment: shot peening can be used for cosmetic effect, where overlapping dimples in material surfaces cause light to scatter upon reflection. And shot peening can also apply materials to metal surfaces, a process known as peen plating. When the shot or grit particles are blasted through a powder or liquid of the desired surface coating, the impact plates or coats the workpiece surface.
For the purpose of releasing surface tensile forces induced by machining process the company developed a special through-feed shot peening system for processing larger aerospace components. In the aerospace and defense industries, where mistakes simply aren’t tolerated, equipment must comply with the highest demands and standards.
Special robotic shot peening systems have been developed, based on 50 years of experience, specifically for treating different jet engine parts during the production and overhaul process. These machines allow the controlled and repeatable shot peening of various kinds of metal or alloy engine parts with two different peening media sizes (a regular blasting head and a special rotary lance head).
All of these treatments and technologies require very specialized machinery and facilities. And building a large robotic shot peening system with two separate chambers demands a wide range of expertise and know-how, cutting-edge production premises and an extensive in-house laboratory for R&D. At FerroČrtalič, large work objects and components can be shot peened in what is probably the largest shot-peening cell in Europe.
Their ASP PEENLINE 4-1000 ECO through-feed peening machine was designed to meet the most demanding requirements for shot peening in the processing of titanium and aluminum aerospace parts. And the company has also developed a flexible and versatile dual interconnected robotic chamber system for the performance of regular maintenance shot peening of landing gear – for happy landings, every time.

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