GOMON SOLAR: Heartwarming Table Design

Gomon Solar Hot Table

Staying warm outdoors throughout the year is, in most places, a frustrating challenge. Yet people insist on gathering outdoors at restaurants, bars, cafes and other social venues and want to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. Any number of heating schemes and systems are out there on the market, but none offer an ideal solution: most are inefficient, ineffective and not particularly attractive nor practical.

Hot Table, however, provides an innovative solution that warms the heart – and most importantly, the rest of the body as well – when sitting or standing at any outdoor gathering or establishment. Gomon Solar’s Hot Table, designed by the accomplished design house, represents years of experience and commitment to developing a unique professional heating table that not only looks good but delivers heat and ambient effects where it’s wanted.

All Hot Table products have a unique patented automatic power regulation system that operates according to the surrounding outside temperature, and they’re more than 50% more power efficient than existing products on the market. Advanced Smart Power technology coupled with a high performance Infra Red heating element delivers real warmth in temperatures well below the 0°C mark – and at up to two metres away from the heating table.

The unique position of the high-quality infra red heating element radiates heat evenly around the table, so people seated or standing around the tables stay warm no matter where they are. The warmth radiates from the bottom up and gently warms the entire body. And automatic power regulation ensures even temperatures regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Hot Table products can easily be switched on and off from any direction, and for greater comfort each heating table comes with a waterproof remote control. They’re also available with a smart ultrasonic motion sensor to control heating startup and stop automatically.  And the infrared element produces – along with welcome warmth – a warm dark red ambient light, which further enhances any surrounding.