GORENJE: Touch of Culinary Class

Gorenje+ oven with iChef+ control module

Gorenje is helping make knobs, buttons and dials a thing of the past with their unique, advanced and revolutionary touch-control electronic program module iChef+. Their new Gorenje+ oven featuring iChef+ is changing the way people use and think both about cooking and about appliances in general, what they can do and more importantly, what they can do for us.

It’s an innovative, powerful and marvellously simple cooking solution. And it’s supported by a state-of-the-art computer control system which turns any user into a master chef – and in their own kitchen no less.

To start, simply touch the display and the icon-driven touch-screen fires up. From here, you can go simple by just finding the food you’re about to cook – using the touch-slider you’re used to on smartphones and elsewhere – estimating its weight and pressing “go”. Or you can get fancy with the SIMPLEBake, AUTOBake, MYBake, PROBake and STEPBake modes.

The oven isn’t unlike a camera with its various advanced modes and functions, from full automatic through semi-automatic to – for complete experimental control – full manual. Simply select the right photo of the dish you want to make: choose the SIMPLEbake program and leave the decisions to the oven; and when inspired with culinary creativity tweak the settings in the MYbake program. If you’re particularly satisfied with the results simply save the recipe for next time.

This smart oven boasts 65 preset dishes designed by chefs and nutritionists it can cook autonomously, and has nine simple ones letting you cook basics such as "roast potatoes", and 120 slots for you to program your own. The memory program offers 10 categories of food (such as meat, fish and clam, vegetables, bread etc.) and 15 dishes and combinations used to cook them within each category. This way reliable automatic repetition of the procedure is always available with just a touch. Plus the new sub-program STEPbake option lets you bake in three separate stages with fully customized settings for heating system, temperature and duration for perfection inside and out.

It's all controlled through a large colourful screen filled with pictures of attentively prepared food. The main menu serves as a gateway to all the features, so even a complete beginner can handle it without any prior experience. And PRObake allows you great flexibility, where you can start with a low temperature, then step up to high, and finish with medium; you may want all heating elements to work at the start, but only the upper one from there on and just to finish up at the end. It’s up to the you, user. And for clarity the settings currently effective in the oven are always displayed.

With iChef+ cooking and baking just got a whole lot easier – and tastier.