HIDIRA: Smarter, Greener Combustion Control

Hidria Pressure Sensor Glow Plug

The turbocharged diesel engine has achieved a high market share in the passenger car segment because of its comparably high thermal efficiency and good torque characteristics. But increasingly restrictive emissions legislation for diesel engines will soon require significant reductions in nitric oxide emissions for diesel powered vehicles.

In response, Hidria – a leading supplier of high-technology solutions for powertrains and steering systems in the European and global automotive industries – has come out with a new generation of glow plug to improve engine combustion control.

The glow plug, one of Hidria’s most successfully marketed and technologically advanced products, has been upgraded with complex high-tech mechanical and electronic systems to accurately sense all phases of the combustion process: air intake, compression, combustion of pilot and main injections, and exhaust.

Hidria’s innovative cylinder pressure sensing technology integrated in the glow plug enables extremely high accuracy and real time measurement of the pressure during the combustion process, bringing improved fuel burn and reduced engine out emissions.

Further, many additional functionalities and benefits are also brought by this unique patented sensor technology: cylinder balancing, improved engine vibration and smooth running, compensation for different fuels, improved cold starts and acoustic optimization. And their new Pressure Sensor Glow Plug can be supplied with a long-life metallic or high-temperature (silicon nitride) ceramic heating element, both suitable for Start/Stop powertrains.

Hidria is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integral solutions for climate technologies and automotive technologies. Today Hidria’s research and development-driven technology co-manages every tenth new car in Europe, and ignites every sixth new car equipped with a modern diesel engine in the world.