HIDRIA EC FANS: New High-Tech Winds Blowing

Now the latest generation of advanced Hidria electronic commutation industrial axial fans (HEC - Hidria EC fans) has just been introduced to the market. These actually represent the third generation of high performance and energy-efficient axial fans set to replace the majority of current induction-motor-driven fans when new European Commission energy efficiency criteria go into effect in 2015.

Back in the 1880s electrically-powered fans were introduced to the market, and convection fans powered by alcohol, oil or kerosene soon became popular and widespread. Fans have come a long long way since then; and are used – are essential – in myriad more applications and processes than ever before.
The new generation of Hidria electronic commutation axial fans boasts a number of new, innovative features and performance characteristics. The electronic components are integrated in the fan itself and smartly laid-out, for easy and efficient operation. The bigger news, however lies in the design of the cooling ribs, which almost doubles heat dissipation and prevents the electronic drive from overheating – even in the most demanding climates, conditions (up to 65°C) and applications. Despite their high efficiency (and longer service life), however, the fans, due largely to innovative blade design, remain astonishingly quiet.
Special attention has also been devoted to visual design within the scope of the larger development picture. Designers from the Wilsonic Design company were brought on board to bring their design expertise to the project. Because fans are often a highly visible part of the overall unit, being integral to heating units, heat pumps, convectors, air conditioners, freezers and similar.
Hidria’s excellent design solution also helped win it a coveted Red Dot for Product Design 2014 award, with the jury offering – “These particularly powerful fans elegantly incorporate airflow into every design detail.” Innovative solutions like these have helped earn the company a place as a trusted development supplier in the larger global stage. Similarly, such solutions are both telling and typical of Hidria’s commitment to developing breakthrough solutions and technologies that raise the bar in fields like occupant comfort and green mobility.

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