HYB: Taking the World s Blood Pressure

Wireless system for blood pressure measurement

Today, a patient’s blood pressure is measured such that every sensor is connected through cables directly with the screen on which the blood pressure curve and other information is seen – and only on that one screen which is physically connected to the sensor. During an operation from one to four blood pressures are monitored – with as many sensors and cables connected to the screen. At every change of room connections between the sensors and screen must be (re-)connected from the start. And during transport (from one room to another) the patient’s blood pressure cannot be controlled.

Just this year Hyb completed development – and SIQ certification – of their unique system for the intensive measuring and wireless transmission of blood pressure measurement signals for use in hospitals during surgical procedures and intensive care of the patient.

Now Hyb's system for wireless measurement and transmission of blood pressure signals allows for constant control of the patient’s blood flow, from pre-op procedures to intensive care – even during patient transport. In fact control can be facilitated by three screens at once, using simple calibration that minimises procedures, supported by 24-hour battery powering and simple use.

The company has long been working with electronics and sensor systems for various applications in medicine, industrial machinery and vehicles, offering complete process solution from development to serial manufacture – all high-quality innovative products marketed under the brands Hybymed and Hybysens.

Hyb's blood pressure sensors were already extensively tested in two German hospitals last year;  and testing of the wireless transmission system will soon follow. The company is now looking to achieve a 5% global market share in sensors and a whole 50% for the wireless transmission of blood flow signals. 

Hyb has particular expertise in blood measurement sensors, having been developing them since the 1980s – the process for which Hyb received a silver award for innovation from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. Similarly, they also recently introduced an innovative system employing chemical sensors based on LTCC technology, in co-operation with the Jože Štefan Institut and Hipot-RR.