INTELIUS: Collaboration Made Easy

Flowr online collaboration tool

At work, collaboration is often associated with emails, intranet file shares and wikis. But Flowr, from Intelius, think far more is required to encourage true collaborative work flow. The way people work is changing rapidly – and Flowr is helping everyone embrace innovation in a dynamic business environment.

Flowr enables users to share files, exchange ideas, ask questions, post tasks and collaborate with  teams in a private and secure network. It’s simple – and can, in its basic form, be used for free. And a myriad of features offers flexibility, efficiency and real ease of use.

Message box provides for seven different types of messages for sharing with colleagues, where users can attach files, links or add tags. Information can be shared with everyone, specific groups or colleagues – or simply make it private just for yourself. Real time updates means new messages and comments show without refreshing webpages. Recent tags lets displays current topics or which colleagues are currently active on the network. And activity flow / stream means no more struggling through emails, everything is inside the flow.

Microblogging enables users to tell co-workers what they’re are working on, with status posts, shared files, links and more – all directly into the company’s activity flow. And bookmarking important conversations and tagging messages makes for easier referencing or starting topics.

Rich media support means no more sending large presentation or video files via email or searching for them inside company intranets. Flowr shows images, presentations or embedded video directly inside activity flow. And sending a message to and Flowr  automatically posts a message in the user’s activity flow. 

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Built-in Analytics tracks activities and engagement levels across the network and identifies current trends, experts and top discussions. Flowr even speaks several languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovenian and Russian; with more languages to be added soon.

Enhanced Security comes with all communication with the Flowr network always done over a 128-bit SSL connection, so data is backed up on a daily basis to different locations. And users can always get an overview of what’s happening in their company while on the go. Flowr for iPhone and for Android OS phones are free to download; alternatively, the browser version too can always be used. Mobile apps are available in English.

Flowr for Google Apps allows users to bring a social collaboration solution into the company with a few clicks; and integration brings these events into Google Calendar, so they can be accessed  from all connected devices and computers. And files uploaded to the Flowr network can be shared instantly to any domain's Google Docs, for collaboration and discussion while maintaining Google Docs’s powerful editing capabilities. Similarly, integration of Flowr with Google Apps means users can access Flowr from inside Google Apps Gmail™ with an existing account – without another username and password.

Flowr is a small European start-up based in London with an R&D team in Slovenia innovating in social business collaboration that’s passionate about design and web apps, with plenty of experience in creating online products that look good and are easy to use.