JAFRAL - helping a number of groups move their phage application work forward

Biotech company JAFRAL d.o.o. was founded in 2011 and operates as a full member of the Technology Park Ljubljana in Slovnia. The company was formed in response to the pressing problem of increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics, which only in the EU causes 25,000 deaths a year. Resistance to antibiotics is a major cost in sectors such as agriculture, food and veterinary care. The most promising alternative to antibiotics are bacteriophages, which are viruses that kill bacteria.

JAFRAL provides a valuable resource that is helping a number of groups move their phage application work forward: JAFRAL is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) and contract research organization (CRO) specialized in phage production. Very often, too much time is wasted producing phage material to perform e.g. efficacy experiments or phage material isn’t uniform so experiments have to be repeated, or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions are required for therapeutic applications. These are common reasons for not achieving deadlines or exceeding budgets, which can lead to failed projects or failed launches of products to the market. In addition to that, large scale manufacturing possibilities are seldom examined at the beginning of product development, which can result in miscalculation of product affordability. To save you time in preparing phage materials, optimizing upstream/downstream/stability conditions and designing large-scale production, JAFRAL does it for you. You provide them with a small volume of host bacteria and a small volume of phages and, in a short time, they deliver the required amount of phage material, with the desired purity and titer and a certificate that defines the characteristics of the material.

JAFRAL entrepreneurial team members are also active in the global phage association that brings together businesses and groups who are developing phage products. In addition to the development of certain key processes, the main objective of the company is a strong promotion in the global environment, so as to establish itself as the first company in the world that has recognized the importance of knowledge of manufacturing processes for the preparation of phage products.