Kolektor Etra: Using Artificial Intelligence to Develop Top Class Power Transformers

Originally a workshop for transformer repairs in 1933, Kolektor Etra has come a long way, becoming of of the leading providers of premium power transformers in Europe.

Generating over 80% of its revenue in the international market, almost half of that being in Scandinavia, they distinguish themselves through technical perfection and modern manufacturing techniques. Gaining an advantage through the use of artificial intelligence during development, Kolektor Etra enjoys a premium position in the market.

Their production site in Ljubljana consists of two state of the art production facilities, a modern high-voltage laboratory, and a strong R&D department. 399 members strong, their skilled staff design, produce, and deliver power transformers, distribution transformers, and special transformers with specifications of rated power up to 500 MVA and rated voltage up to 420kV. In addition, maintenance and repair services for transformers are worldwide.

With an impressive and stable financial growth of approximately 15% in annual sales over the past five years, their above-average profitability and ambitious future plans showcase a strong company performance. Kolektor Etra has been awarded with the title 'Winner of Slovenian Export' at the Conference of Slovenian Exporters.


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