Unisash-ARX view windows

More light from your windows? Absolutely. For all doors and windows are simply not created equal. Like the innovative Unisash-ARX view window system from Kovinoplastika Lož.

It’s an optimized universal window sash that complies with strict environmental requirements and can easily be installed into PVC, wood or aluminium window frames. The added value in the system is seen as savings and enhancements in many important respects: the glazed area of the Unisash-ARX view window an average of 25% greater than conventional windows, increasing natural light and offering real energy-savings.

The system also features optimal sound insulation, and is produced using environmentally- friendly technology, with 25% - 30% less primary resources per unit. It’s also distinguished by its contemporary design, with its clean, perfectly matched lines and the individual thrust of its glass edges, creating a window in tune with its surrounding interior.

Kovinoplastika Lož d.d., based near Stari trg in Lož, in the country’s north-east, is an important regional provider of construction elements and related hardware focused on windows and doors. And it continues to be recognised for its quality innovative work: in 2009, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the company a gold medal.

The prestigious Red Dot award quickly followed in 2010, as did the much respected Designpreis Award 2011 by the German Ministry of Science and Technology. New standards are being set in Lož.