M SORA: Framing the View - Naturally

ECO-S Window Products

All windows are not created equal – some are simply better, by many standards and qualities – than most others. By the same token, a window is more than a kind of building furniture, but is our connection inside with the world outside. And in many or most cases, they are the only real breathing component in an apartment, hotel or other similar structure.

M Sora’s ECO-S insulated window systems go far beyond merely looking good and providing a view out: they save considerable energy, are sustainable and fully recyclable, and allow natural, healthy and necessary ventilation.

Back in 2009, M Sora developed a prototype of the ECO-S insulated window, which uses wooden wainscot with perforations for insulation. They soon received patents for ECO-S insulation in a number of European countries, and are recognised for their clear technical and thermal benefits compared to other insulation products (like polystyrene, polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam and others); and perhaps best of all, they’re made of a natural renewable raw material – wood.

ECO-S insulation will now be used on different M SORA JSC window types and facade systems, and will also be sold as a semi-product to other manufacturers of wooden window systems for the production of other low-energy windows. According to two different LCA analyses environmental benefits (in production) from the ECO-S system included significantly reduced raw materials as well as CO2, airborne and waterborne emissions compared with traditional aluminium-wooden windows.

M SORA JSC has more than 60 years of experience in window production, with a great deal of emphasis on research and development. Today they manufacture a variety of energy efficient windows and doors in different materials (wood, wood-aluminium), as well as blinds, shutters and sills, and also modify existing windows and doors according to specific requirements. And two of the company’s products have even received the prestigious Passivhous Institute certificate.