MAREMICO: Unique mattresses – for everyone

Leticia modular mattresses

People are different. They’re original, unique and special. And they change. As a result, people’s individual needs are different. In response, the idea of a unique mattress came out of Maremico founders (and brothers) Emil and Valentin Marinšek, who were committed to developing a mattress that could adapt to one’s individual needs. They developed a modular mattress system that allows for many different combinations, corresponding to the specific, individual structure of the human body.

The Leticia modular mattress system offers everyone the opportunity to create a mattress that best suits their specific physical needs of the moment. With its many combinations, the mattress allows complete flexibility and uniqueness. And it’s possible to readjust each module and change its position or firmness at any time.

The system is composed of 20 modules which are available in 5 different hardnesses. They're organized according to body structure and designed for the seven main areas of the human body. Thanks to its innovative design and advanced materials the mattress ensures even distribution of body pressure and thereby prevents the arrest of capillary blood flow, which is the main reason for frequent turning during sleep. As a result the mattress offers greater comfort and longer cycles of deep sleep.

Similarly, the upper layer of the mattress too can also be selected by the user, with a choice of memory material, LetiCell foam or micro springs. Transverse air ducts allow  effective ventilation and wicking of excess moisture. The environmentally-friendly outer mattress slip can be conveniently washed, and the outer finish is made of cashmere, known for its rich softness and comfort.

The highly advanced Leticia modular mattress – made entirely from certified materials manufactured in the EU – received a silver award for innovation from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce as well as an award at the Ambient Furniture Fair in Ljubljana.