MESI ABPI MD: The Fastest Screening Tool for Peripheral Arterial Disease

Simplifying diagnostics is what MESI is all about.

They have started realizing their vision on a rather complex, demanding and inexact process – screening for and diagnosing peripheral arterial disease, which is known as the obstruction in the large arteries common to the body’s lower extremities. With this in mind MESI set about developing a highly innovative automated ankle-brachial index measuring device, which substitutes the conventional Doppler ultrasound method. Now instead of the usual 30 minutes with the Doppler probe, ABPI MD offers the same result in mere 3 minutes. The measurement is also faster, more simple, accurate and objective.
The blood pressure on the upper and lower extremities is measured simultaneously, resulting in the calculation of the ankle-brachial index (ABI). The result of the examination is clear and straightforward. The highly advanced ABPI MD has two measurement modes: stand-alone measurement of brachial blood pressure and heart rate; and simultaneous measurement of the left ABI and right ABI. As a result, the ABPI MD can be used for measuring ABI as well as just for measuring the brachial blood pressure on all patients visiting their general practitioner. The ABI measurement can be used as a screening tool for patients with non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases.

Colour-coded cuffs simplify the use of the device even more, indicating where and how to place each cuff. The process is so simple it can be performed by a nurse, without additional education.
The ABPI MD device is easily connected to a computer to generate either a file or a printout. Portability has been greatly enhanced with a long-lasting battery that enables 50 measurements. Moreover a portable, wheeled stand has been designed to hold both the device and the cuffs, providing a flat, stable work surface, so the device can be easily used next to the examination table.
In order to nullify changes in blood pressure, ABPI MD conducts simultaneous blood pressure measurements on all extremities: an integrated microcontroller with ARM processor core and additional integrated memory verifies the blood pressure five times per second and regulates the operations of valves and pumps. And thanks to an improved error detection system, ABPI MD alerts the operator to any irregularities that have occurred during the measurement process.
Ultimately, MESI ABPI MD ankle-brachial index measurements are simple, reliable and repeatable, making it an invaluable tool for physicians and patients alike.

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