MESI: Better, Faster Diagnostics

ABPI MD – Automated Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Medical Device

Before the appearance of the ABPI MD, index measurement took a full 30 minutes, and was often plagued by errors, and a number of procedures had to be repeated to compete the measurement process. Now, with the introduction of Mesi’s ABPI MD, the whole procedure can be done in three minutes – and the result is an accurate and reliable brachial pressure index.

MESI d. o. o’s Automated ankle brachial pressure index measuring device is used for diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease, replacing the impractical unreliable doppler ultrasound measurement technology. The device combines the measurement of ABPI and blood pressure using three cuffs that are placed on both ankles together with the left arm. Results are calculated automatically and displayed on-screen, eliminating human error concluding the entire examination in a mere three minutes.

Medical practitioners need only connect the ABPI MD to a PC or MAC and process the measurement. The statistical analysis software is available free from the MESIcloud. Instead of the usual installing of software on a computer, physicians simply visit the company webpage, register,  and start using this single powerful tool for statistical analysis of all related measurements.

Now examinations can be performed comfortably in different clinics without cables and other concerns. Up to 30 patients can be examined with a single battery charge. The battery charges whenever it is connected to a mains power source, and indicates when the battery is close to empty with both audio and visual signs.

Operation consists simply of turing the device on, placing the cuffs on the patient’s limbs and pressing the start button. A mere 40 seconds later and the ABPI is displayed on the LCD screen. Measurement history, settings and interpretation of results are all available with the press of a button. The ABPI MD provides measurement of  systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate and ankle brachial pressure index, all using the oscilometric method.

And Mesi’s ABPI MD recently won the title of best innovative product in the start-up companies category at the 6th Slovenian Forum of Innovations, hosted by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investment. More importantly, the device and the company as a whole have been enjoying increased attention and positive critical acclaim from experts in various specialty medical fields, citing the innovative device as a significant  improvement in the field of medical diagnostics.