NERVTECH: The Path Towards Safer Traffic

Road accidents are not only the main cause of death among the population between 15 and 29 years of age, but they also cause severe injuries to millions every year. 90% of these accidents are caused by drivers’ improper conduct, such as speeding, being distracted, driving while intoxicated, etc.

Critical and unusual situations pose a difficult challenge to road safety technologies as real-life scenarios are impossible to fully replicate. This fact has driven the use of simulated environments in the automotive, naval, train, military, and aerospace industries – with great success. The NERVtech simulator is a valuable tool for drivers, particularly the young, enabling them to test their reactions and abilities in a nearly real environment without potentially devastating consequences.

The NERVteh simulator is also a perfect tool for studying traffic situations safely and for measuring the human factor response, reactions, and perceptions in real time. NERVteh is the smallest realistic simulator able to collect thousands of items of driving data from around the world. The data are analysed and elaborated by means of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

The results can be of benefit to a wide range of users, such as road safety organisations, insurance companies, and the automotive industry.


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