NICELABEL: The Complexity of Labeling Made Easy

Labeling is frequently considered a background process that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention – until it causes a problem. As a result, bar code and RFID labeling practices and software have become dated at many enterprises, and haven’t kept pace with changing business needs.

Legacy labeling operations are prone to hidden costs, inefficiency and a variety of risks – which is why a contemporary label management platform is particularly well-suited to current enterprise and extended supply chain needs. There are a number of ways to enhance supply chain agility and reduce costs – and that starts with NiceLabel, established in 1993 and today the world's leading developer of barcode and RFID labeling solutions for SME and Enterprise.
For a start, migrating from decentralized labeling to a modern, centralized solution can help. Reducing the time needed to create, maintain and update label files, introduce new products and respond to customer requests is key. Thousands of redundant label files can be eliminated and consolidated into a few consistent templates. Enhanced quality helps prevent shipping delays and production line shutdowns that result from labeling errors or system failures. And tighter control prevents mislabeling, which reduces the risk of recalls.

In fact the world’s largest organizations rely on NiceLabel technology to implement best practices for their enterprise and supply chain labeling. NiceLabel software is shipped by the world’s largest printer manufacturers and used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. By the same token, however, NiceLabel provides solutions for companies of all sizes, across most industries, like automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceutical and more.
Sometimes labels, like those used in the food and beverage sector, need to include a wealth of information, like product branding, ingredient lists, pricing, warnings, weights, and barcodes. What’s more, each of the partner’s customers or Value Added Resellers require unique labeling software configurations.
NiceLabel's label design and printing applications help retailers directly boost product visibility. Having the capabilities to interface product labeling with scale and scanning hardware on the production line is crucial for maximum profitability. And NiceLabel's label design and printing solutions are used to improve safety, comfort and efficiency at every stage of a patient’s hospital journey. Bar codes are being used to reduce mistakes and speed up most hospital processes.
Similarly, manufacturers require 24/7 on-demand printing to keep production lines running continuously. NiceLabel's Enterprise solutions are built for both performance and stability. Their automation solutions are used in most manufacturing environments, printing labels for anything from circuit boards to large chemical drums, everywhere from high-tech production lines to hazardous production environments.
All this and more explains why the world’s biggest companies trust NiceLabel solutions to consolidate labeling, collaborate with their business partners and use their supply chain to provide strategic advantage. And through its headquarters Slovenia, with global offices in Germany, the USA, Singapore and China, NiceLabel is well positioned to serve and support clients around the world.

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