NOVAK M: Treated in Comfort

Line Q Therapy Chair

The Novak-M company recently launched an exciting and innovative new product – Line Q – for use in hospitals, dialysis centers, for blood transfusion, chemotherapy, and a host of other treatments. Now a single chair serves the vast majority of today’s most common treatment procedures.

The line currently consists of two Line Q chair types: the Therapy Chair Q addresses and serves every step of therapy and provides exactly those functions users need; and the Day Hospital Chair Q is a multifunctional product providing maximum patient comfort over a one-day hospital stay, which also supports professional personnels’ work with numerous features.

The Therapy Chair Q features simple 3-button operation, with pre-set easy access, set-up and rest positions. In the event of complications or non-standard procedures, the chair allows for easy adjustment and quick-access emergency buttons. It also provides for a high level of comfort during longer therapy sessions, and patients can adjust chair positions from sitting upright to lying flat, while the arm- and legrests adjust automatically according to the patient's position and size. And details like a discreet reading lamp help make therapies as pleasant as possible.

Also, smooth removable padding makes it easy-to clean, and protective covers and smaller overall chair dimensions save up to 40% of floor space compared to a conventional hospital bed solution, making it eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

The Day Hospital Chair Q is a complete solution for patient handling, transfer and treatment in outpatient environments. The chair’s low, safe profile-position allows patients to settle on the chair with little or no help from personnel. Transfer from room to room or further is made easy with a small-footprint, double castor system, push handles and integrated automatic cable winder, making it extremely maneuverable and easy to handle.

Preparation and procedure are similarly easily accessed and performed, with fast and easy adjustment, free side access and ergonomically sound working positioning, for both simple and more complex same-day surgeries. Recovery is assisted by enhanced post-operative comfort and relaxation, without the need for patient transfer.

Novak-M d.o.o. designs, manufactures and sells a variety of different medical, physiotherapy and massage tables, facial and beauty beds as well as other medical equipment. Novak-M’s Line Q is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration by experts from medicine, industrial design (Wilsonic design studio) and in-house constructors at Novak M, where more than 20 years of family business combined with the latest in medical trends and technology make for a healthier way of life and care.